Makeup & Hai

Quality cosmetics service for 

Trial Makeup and Hair $100 at my studio

Airbrush upgrade available as add on

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Bride Wedding  Day Makeup 

Bride Wedding Day Hair Do

Bridal Evening Dinner Reception Time Touch up  Makeup and Hair Change 

Groom Makeup Hair Combo

Pre Wedding/ Engagement Makeup Hair for Photo sessions for 3 hours $200 /   5 hours $300/  7 hours $400

#1  CITY HALL or WEDDING DAY MAKEUP HAIR 3 hours session:  $300

#2  COMBO MORNING +  EVENING 6 hrs PACKAGE:   Bridal Makeup Hair + Evening Makeup Hair  $600

#3  Full day 8 hrs PACKAGE:  Trial + Bridal Makeup Hair with 8 hrs  unlimited bride touch ups $850
***Hair accessories rental included

#4  Extended Day 10 hrs PACKAGE:  Trial + Bridal Makeup Hair with 10 hrs unlimited bride touch ups $999
***Hair accessories rental included

All makeup service include false lashes for each person.  Please contact me for more accurate total pricing. 

Bridesmaids Makeup only 
Bridesmaids Hair only

Mom/Auntie/Sister Makeup  only
Mom/Auntie/Sister Hair only


1)  Driving/Travel/Toll Fee depends on distance per wedding for Bay Area locations. Minimum charge $20

2)  If travel is required outside of local Bay Area,  extra travel fee such as travel accommodations, car rental, flight, and hotel fee applies to the total  of the invoice.

3)  All Parking garage or lot fee is paid by Bride/ Groom.

4)  Early Bird Fee  $50 applies on services before 8am.

5)  Deposit Policy: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to make a reservation for any beauty services.

6) Vendor Meal: required over 5 hours of work.

7)  Gratuity: Prices do not include gratuity/tip, and very much appreciated. Especially if we have a early morning appointment, then it is very much appreciated. 

8) Type of payments accepted : Cash, Personal Checks, PAYPAL